Saturday, June 14, 2014

Carbondale, CO

Crossing into Colorado is surreal. As the road winds through the most diverse landscape I've ever seen, every turn opens into a more breathtaking view than the last. So many friends and family promised us that Colorado would be spectacular, and wow, you weren't kidding! 

We spent an absolutely delightful evening at Steve's Guitars in Carbondale. The tiny venue, packed with instruments and tour posters covering every square inch of wall and ceiling space, has a cozy, welcoming vibe. Everything about the place is laid back, from the way audience members felt free to converse with us while we were onstage to the crowd of people who enjoyed the show without the admission price, listening from the bench just outside the open door. We had a great time, and have to say thanks to Steve and Mary Margaret for their hospitality. 

Today, after a day off that seemed to span three seasons, full of lilacs and evergreens and wild roses - which we spent soaking in the hot springs, of course - we are in Durango. If you're nearby, catch us at the Balcony Bar late this afternoon and into the evening. We've been told it's a fantastic venue, and if history repeats itself, we can believe what we hear!  



  1. Very niiice...I like...great success! Miss y'all. Keep post and pics rolling in! <3

  2. Enjoying all of the Blogs and Pics! Have Fun!